Hollowfibre vs Microfibre – What is the Difference?

Hollowfibre vs Microfibre – What is the Difference? The biggest difference between hollowfibre and microfibre is the structure. The fine fibres of microfibre allow minimal space between them, creating a tightly woven fabric. Whereas hollowfibre does have spaces between its fibres, which is how it received its name. This makes hollowfibre a lighter, more breathable fabric. Microfibre is warmer and better for Winter. Keep reading to find a full comparison of the two materials, including similarities and differences, and our easy guide to which you should be investing in. Also find the best products on the market, including pillows, duvets and mattress toppers. Navigate through this article using by clicking on a heading in the contents: What is hollowfibre? What are the benefits of hollowfibre? What are the best hollowfibre products? What is microfibre? What are the benefits of microfibre? What are the best microfibre products? Microfibre vs Hollowfibre – What are the differences and similarities? Which is best for me?   What is Hollowfibre?   Its name gives a clue to the structure of hollowfibre. In fact, it’s structure is where the materials name came from. The hollow spaces between the fibres is what makes this material warm, cosy and breathable. It is a synthetic material that is made from polyester.   What are the benefits of hollowfibre?   There are many benefits to using hollowfibre. Here are the top reasons for it being so popular for bedding: Value for money – Hollowfibre is a very affordable material and its high quality makes it fantastic value for money. Maintenance – This material requires low maintenance as it is usually machine washable and easy to dry. It also doesn’t require as much fluffing and re-arranging as some feather and down products do. Lightweight – This is a lightweight material that is airy and won’t weigh you down. Breathable – The hollow spaces allow the fabric to breathe and won’t stifle you in the night.   What are the best hollowfibre products?   The Flame Retardant 100% Hollowfibre Pillow Not only will you benefit from a soft and fluffy 100% Hollowfibre filling, but this pillow is also flame retardantant which means it works to put the fire out and not just stop it spreading. Top Quality Hollowfibre Duvets Our Hollowfibre duvets are soft, luxurious and easy to care for. Choose from a wide range of sizes and togs.   Hollowfibre Temperature Control Air Flow Mattress Topper This unique air flow mattress topper will keep you nice and cool throughout the night and is filled with top quality hollowfibre for extra comfort.   What is Microfibre?   Microfibre is made up of fine fibres which are tightly woven together, allowing no space between … Continue reading Hollowfibre vs Microfibre – What is the Difference?