Goose Feather 15 Tog Duvet

All Seasons Goose Feather & Down Duvets 15.0 Tog

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Quick Overview

Two duvets 10.5 tog and 4.5 tog attached together with plastic poppers
Filling: goose feather 85% goose down 15%
Fabric: 100% cotton down proof

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15 Tog Goose Feather & Down Duvets at Discounted Wholesale Prices

Hafco’s 15 tog goose feather and down duvets are carefully designed to provide a comfortable solution for any standard size bed and in any season. The 15 tog products are made from two separate duvets that are attached together using secure plastic poppers, resulting in a flexible and comfortable bedding option that can be adapted to different temperatures.


A mid-range 10.5 tog goose feather and down duvet is connected to a thinner 4.5 tog duvet, also filled with goose feather and down, to make a combined model that is suitable for all seasons, whatever the temperature, and is also available in a range of bed sizes.

Feather and Down Duvets from summer to winter

Combining two easily detachable in this way duvets ensures that Hafco’s goose feather and down 15 tog duvets can help you and your guests remain comfortable during all seasons, whether your beds are single or super king size.

The duvets’ mix of high quality goose down and feathers provides excellent insulation which can protect against the cold, while also remaining soft and breathable for a comfy night’s sleep. The duvets are filled with a combination of white goose feathers (85%) and white goose down (15%), and are covered with 100% cotton fabric.

And when the weather heats up you can simply detach the two duvets from each other and keep either the 10.5 tog or 4.5 tog option on your bed – fast and easy comfort at any temperature!

Superior comfort for any size bed

The 15 tog combined all seasons duvets can provide summer comfort and winter warmth for any standard size bed in your home or business. We supply hotels, bed and breakfasts and a range of institutions, and pride ourselves on meeting our customers’ specific needs every time.

There are duvet options available for single, double, king and super king beds, all of which are provided individually-packed for quick and easy use upon delivery.

Our experienced and friendly service helps our valued customers select and order the best duvet option for their needs, and we can also work to arrange a delivery option that suits you.

Straightforward duvet care and maintenance

Taking care of your duvets on a regular basis is important to maintaining their hygiene and comfort. Washable covers help extend duvet life and regular airing also helps to ensure duvets don’t retain too much moisture.

Our duvet products are also are fully machine washable, making it easy to protect them and ensure you and your guests have a clean and comfortable sleep every time.

Wholesale and bulk buy discounts

Hafco is pleased to offer discounted prices on a wide range of models, including our high quality 15 tog goose feather and down duvets.

We offer wholesale and bulk buy options for a variety of organisations including bed and breakfasts and hotels, as well as to private buyers looking for a larger volume of duvets.

To find out more and discuss your specific requirements, simply call (01706 559 787) or email ( us today with your enquiry.

All Seasons Goose Feather & Down Duvets 15.0 Tog

Two duvets 10.5 tog and 4.5 tog attached together with plastic poppers

Single bed carton contains 3 item
Double bed carton contains 3 item
King bed carton contains 2 items
Super king bed carton contains 2 items

Filling: White Goose Feather (85%) White Goose Down (15%)

Fabric: 100% Cotton Cambric 100 x 133 40×40


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