Thermal Blackout Eyelet Curtains – Meadow Green

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Quick Overview

Thermal blackout pair of curtains
Inter-woven lining
Reduces noise and light entering the room


black out thermal curtains in green

Blackout thermal curtains in meadow green can be used in any room…

Blackout curtains aren’t just for the bedroom, they can be used in any room in the house.

Usually they are associated to the bedroom because of their sun blocking characteristics. However, they are great for any areas of relaxation such as the lounge, dining room or living room.

Many customers use them here to get complete darkness for watching films or TV.

They are also an ideal product to have in most rooms during the Summer to avoid the sun shining through and the house overheating.

Of course, they are so popular in bedrooms as they help customers get a great night’s sleep. Sunlight can be one of the biggest causes of lack of sleep. This is because our internal clocks associate sunshine with day time, which tells our brains to stay awake.

Relax and get a peaceful night’s sleep no matter what day, time or season.


Do blackout curtains have thermal properties?

The thermal properties of these curtains are another reason for their huge popularity. They work in 3 unique ways:

  1. Completely blocks sunlight when closed to prevent excess heat from coming through windows.
  2. Works with your air conditioning to keep the cold air in the house.
  3. Keeps your house warm and cosy during Winter by preventing the hot air from central heating escaping.


Other benefits of blackout curtains – reduce noise from outside…

We have so many customers asking how they can get to sleep when there is outside noise coming into their bedrooms. It is a huge problem for many, but there is such a simple solution.

Blackout curtains have amazing sound reducing properties which will decrease the noise that gets into your bedroom.

Compared to expensive soundproofing equipment, they are a great value for money option that is highly efficient.


What is the correct way to hang curtains?

There are countless ways to hang curtains, and it really depends on the look you are going for in your interior design.

Here are the most popular methods of hanging curtains to give you some inspiration:

how to hang curtains

  1. The float – If you have an interesting design or pattern you want to show off in your curtains, this is the best method for you. The material hangs less than an inch off the floor to allow the material to flow completely straight.
  2. The kiss – the curtains ‘kiss’ your floor by just barely touching it. Accurate measuring is needed for this method, but it is completely worth it when you get it right.
  3. The puddle – The material flows onto the floor and creates a ‘puddle’. This is perfect if you are going for a feminine, romantic feel to the room.


Inspiration for designing a stylish green bedroom…

Green is a harmonious colour that promotes rest and reassurance. Designing with green will create a peaceful place that restores balance and order to the mind.

Different shades of green can vary massively and give a completely different look to the room. Here is some shade inspiration for your bedroom:

dark green bedroom inspiration

This deep green adds a luxurious richness to the room without being too dark or dramatic.

green plants bedroom inspiration

Sacred of going green-overboard? A perfect way to add hints of is with plants and cushions.

green print wallpaper inspiration

Go bold with tropical print green wallpaper.

Inter-woven blackout lining
Eyelet Ring Top Fitting
Includes Tie Backs
100% Polyester


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