Duck Feather 10.5 Tog Duvet

Duck Feather & Down Duvets 10.5 Tog

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 Duck Feather and Down Duvet 10.5 Tog

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Duck feathers are light and plump, so they give you a superior night’s sleep. Great as a mid-range duvet when buying in wholesale bulk buy.

This product is made up of both duck feathers, which makes up approximately 85% and white duck down, which makes up the remaining 15%. So, as you can see, it is 100% natural.

One of the reasons duck and down feathers are such a popular choice is because it is one of the best insulators against the cold. So be sure to stock your hotel’s home textiles with one of these duvets.


What does Tog Mean?


‘The tog is a measure of thermal resistance of a unit area, also known as thermal insulance’, according to Wikipedia.

It is used in the textile industry for products such as duvets and carpet underlay.

At Hafco, we have togs ranging from 4.5 – 15, so that our customers have options for all climates and preferences.

This duck feather and down duvet has a tog of 10.5, which is mid-range in terms of warmth. This makes it a great all-rounder and can be used all year round, including Winter and Summer months.

This is also perfect for hotels, B&Bs and other institutions, as you won’t need to waste time and money on changing your duvets every season.


Duck Feather vs Goose Feather


It is all down to personal preference as to whether you prefer duck feather or goose feather. Both are fantastic high-quality options, however they do have a few differences.

Goose clusters are typically larger than duck clusters. This means that duck feather duvets will be slightly heavier, because more filling is needed.

Some people prefer this if they want a duvet with more weight to it, whereas some prefer a lighter option, so again this is down to personal preference.

Goose feather is slightly more expensive than duck. This is because of they are lighter and goose feathers tend to trap more air between them, making them a little warmer.


How Do I Wash a Feather Duvet?


Firstly, remove it from the covers. The most important thing to remember when washing a feather duvet is to take extra care, more so than if you were washing a hollowfibre one.

Check for any holes or rips and sew them up where necessary.

Use your most gentle setting on your washing machine and set it at around 30 degrees Celsius. We recommend opting for a mild detergent.

A top tip is to stop the wash just before it starts to spin, and set it again for another rinse. This is because feather duvets are so thick and absorbent that some can retain the detergent.

As they are so thick, we recommend partially machine drying and then air drying. As we explain in our ultimate duvet guide, drying your duvet in sunlight will help to kill any remaining bacteria.


Hafco Premium Duvets


We also offer this product in double and single. The single size is approximately 135cm x 200cm and the double comes in a size of 260cm x 220cm.

As with all duvets, it’s very important to protect this product with a removable duvet cover that can be removed and washed with ease. In doing so, you will prolong the life of it significantly.

Filling: White Duck Feather (85%) White Duck Down (15%)

Fabric: 100% Cotton Cambric 100 x 133 40×40


Single 135cm x 200cm

Double 200cm x 200cm

King 225cm x 220cm

Super King 260cm x 220cm



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