Thermal Blackout Eyelet Curtains – Chocolate Brown

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Quick Overview

Thermal blackout pair of curtains
Inter-woven lining
Reduces noise and light entering the room


Blackout curtains are an affordable way to reduce noise from outside…

black out thermal curtains in brown

One of the many benefits of blackout curtains is their ability to reduce noise from outside.

As windows are the most common place for sound to travel through, curtains are one of the best ways to reduce this noise.

Specialist soundproofing equipment can be expensive and unsightly for a bedroom. Blackout curtains are an ideal way to tackle a noise issue as they are so easy and affordable.


How do I use curtains to save on energy bills?

Another fantastic benefit of these blackout curtains is their thermal properties. They work in many different ways to keep your home at the perfect temperature.

During the hot Summer months they will work with air conditioning to retain the cold air and keep the room cool. When closed they will also block out sunlight which prevents excess heat from entering your home.

During Winter, use these curtains with central heating to keep hot air in the room to stay warm and cosy.


Are blackout thermal curtains necessary?

Our bodies have internal clocks that keep track of night and day. The main factor that contributes to this is light and dark.

When our eyes sense light, it registers as day time. When we are in darkness, we associate this with night time.

This association can be both advantageous and disadvantageous for our sleeping routines.

When it gets dark at night this prepares our brains for sleep and makes us tired. However, during Summer when it gets much lighter in the early hours of the morning, this can wake us up and affect the quality of our sleep.

This is why blackout curtains are so important. They allow your bedroom to be in complete darkness and put you in control as to when you want to allow light in.

This will make a huge difference to your morning and night routine and ensures you get a peaceful night’s sleep.


Brown bedroom ideas and inspiration

Brown is perfect for those who don’t want something as dark as black but still want a rich, deep colour.

Brown is much softer and warmer which makes it ideal for a bedroom. Colour affects tells us that it is a ‘quietly supportive’ colour that is associated with the Earth and natural world.

It is a great neutral colour for your bedroom and can be paired with so many other colours. Depending on what shade you choose will depend on the mood you set for the interior design.

A rich, dark brown can look sophisticated and luxurious. A lighter shade of brown is perfect for a guest bedroom or to create more light in a room.

Here is some brilliant bedroom inspiration from The Pink House

brown bedroom inspiration

This warm brown works perfectly with the orange and yellow. It gives a unique retro look which would be perfect for a child’s bedroom.

This very cool toned brown has a touch of purple in it and gives a chic look when paired with the pastel blue.

Inter-woven blackout lining
Eyelet Ring Top Fitting
Includes Tie Backs
100% Polyester


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