Thermal Blackout Eyelet Curtains – Fuchsia Pink

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Quick Overview

Thermal blackout pair of curtains
Inter-woven lining
Reduces noise and light entering the room

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Are blackout curtains the same as thermal?

black out thermal curtains in pink

Blackout and thermal curtains are usually two separate products that have different characteristics. However, we have combined these two attributes to create thermal blackout curtains.

The thermal properties have many benefits for your home and work in 3 different ways:

  1. Use them in Summer to work with your air conditioning. They will help prevent the cold air from escaping through the window to keep the room nice and cool.
  2. Benefit from these curtains blocking sunlight and preventing excess heat from entering a room.
  3. Use them in Winter to save on energy bills as they will help retain the hot air in your home.


Why do I need curtains to block out sunlight?

During the Summer months when the sun starts to rise not long after 5am and streams through our windows, blackout curtains are more important than ever.

Sunlight entering a bedroom when we are trying to sleep has a huge effect and can prevent us from getting into a deep sleep or getting to sleep at all.

This is due to our internal clock. Our brains automatically associate light with daytime and dark with night time.

Blackout curtains are a quick, simple and affordable solution to this issue that so many people face.


Use the Hafco blackout thermal curtains to reduce outside noise…

Another big advantage to these curtains is the noise reducing properties they have.

Although it is difficult to completely soundproof a bedroom from outside noise, these curtains will help to reduce sound.

If you live in a busy area these curtains are the perfect solution to get a peaceful night’s sleep with minimal disturbance.


How to design a pink bedroom – ideas and inspiration…

Pink is said to be a nurturing, warming, soothing colour and promote physical tranquillity. This makes it ideal for a bedroom and it is also a great colour for a stylish design.

There are so many attractive shades of pink that can give a different feel to a room. Here is some pink inspiration for all ages and interior design tastes…

childrens pink bedroom idea

We love this pairing of green and pink for this children’s bedroom. It is young and fun whilst still remaining sophisticated and stylish.

modern pink bedroom inspiration

This soft dusty pink looks sweet and delicate when paired with this unique blue colour. The accent of matte gold adds an element of luxury and makes this the perfect adult bedroom.

unique pink bedroom inspiration

If you are looking to be more daring with your pink and make a bold statement why not try adding in some exciting colours such as red, black and mustard yellow. This interior design is completely unique and has a classic look.

Inter-woven blackout lining
Eyelet Ring Top Fitting
Includes Tie Backs
100% Polyester


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