Thermal Blackout Eyelet Curtains – Silver

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Quick Overview

Thermal blackout pair of curtains
Inter-woven lining
Reduces noise and light entering the room


black out thermal curtains in silver

Hafco blackout thermal curtains for your hotel, B&B or institution…

Blackout curtains are not only becoming increasingly popular in homes, but more and more hotels and B&Bs are starting to see the importance of this investment.

Guests rely on your establishment to provide a quality nights sleep, and there are many ways to do this. Of course, the quality of the mattress, bed linen, pillows and other factors play a big role in this.

If you’d like to read about choosing the best duvet for your hotel or B&B, take a look at our ultimate duvet guide.

Another big factor that affects the quality of our sleep is light and temperature. Even when our eyes are closed, they are sensitive to light exposure. Even if you can fall asleep when light is streaming through the windows, your sleep quality may still be very poor.


How will thermal curtains benefit customers at my B&B or hotel?

A lot of products on the market are either blackout or have thermal properties. However, we have combined the two so that you can provide an excellent night’s sleep for customers.

Firstly, here is how they will benefit from the thermal properties:

  1. They will reduce sound from outside which allows for a peaceful night’s sleep with minimal disturbances.
  2. If you have air conditioning in your establishment, make the most of it during Summer with thermal curtains. When closed, they will help retain the cold air and keep the room nice and cool.
  3. Similarly, in Winter they will allow you to save on energy bills by retaining the hot air from your central heating.



Are blackout curtains necessary in a hotel or B&B?

Blackout curtains are not common in hotels or B&Bs, but they are an incredibly important feature that your guests will certainly appreciate. They are a small investment that will make a big positive impact on their stay.

One of the best features of blackout curtains is their ability to completely block out sunlight. This is perfect for those who have a wide array of guests that may need to work at night and sleep during the day.

Another great feature of these curtains is their ability to reduce sound. If your establishment is in a busy area, this could have a negative affect on your customers stay. Without investing in expensive soundproofing equipment for the whole building, placing blackout curtains in bedroom is an easy solution.

Thermal blackout curtains are a great feature to advertise your hotel and bring in more customers.


How do I decorate a room using silver?

Metallic shades are a modern way to brighten up a room and add a touch of elegance. Used correctly, they can make a look seem luxurious, classy and professionally designed by an interior designer.

It can be difficult to know how to use metallics in a subtle way without overpowering a room or adding too much distraction. Here are some winning colour combinations…


mixing metals interior design

In the past few years the rules of interior design have changed and mixing metals is hugely popular. It is an easy way to give your room an edgy, sophisticated look, but it can be hard to master. The key is to pick a muted colour palette and add accents of various metal shades. Jo Hamilton recommends using matte shades to compliment the metallics.


silver black bedroom interior

White and grey pairs perfectly with silver and creates an effortlessly stylish look. Play with different materials and textures to bring this colour palette to life.


silver white grey bedroom design

For a super edgy look, trying a combination of black, grey and silver. This combination looks great with dark furniture and decorative accessories.


Inter-woven blackout lining
Eyelet Ring Top Fitting
Includes Tie Backs
100% Polyester


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