26 Easy Ways to Re-Use Old Sheets and Towels for your B&B

26 Easy Ways to Re-Use Old Sheets and Towels for your B&B

In this guide you’re going to get 26 easy and unique ways to put your old sheets and towels to good use.

As a B&B or hotel it seems there are always stained or old sheets and towels that need replacing. Instead of throwing them away, here are some simple tips to make good use of them.

The tips and tricks are split into 3 categories:

  1. For cleaning – easy hacks to be more economical when it comes to cleaning your B&B.
  2. For guests – improve your guest experience by re-using old sheets and towels.
  3. For the B&B – how you can put them to good use that will benefit your B&B and your staff.

Let’s get started… 

For cleaning

Clean your floors – cut towels into strips and sew together at one end to create a DIY super absorbent mop. Or, if you have a flat mop, cut into a H shape, sew into place and use as a washable cover. You could also try the Cuban mop method or Quick Loop.

Clean dust – those hundreds of fibres that your olds towels and sheets have are perfect for collecting every last bit of dust in your B&B. Simply cut up into squares and keep in your cleaning cupboard for your next dedusting mission.

Use as cloths – are you forever running out of clean cloths for the kitchen? Cut down your spend and waste by using your old sheets and towels as cleaning cloths.

Use for drying – they may no longer be presentable for guests’ bathrooms but once thoroughly disinfected they make perfect tea towels for the kitchen.

Soak up oil spills – all those hearty English breakfasts might rake in the 5 star reviews but they certainly do leave a greasy mess. Soak up oil spills with your old sheets and once they’ve lost absorbency, use as fire starters to easily start flames in your fireplace or outside.

Keep the cat clean – if one of your residents is a cute little furry friend, use your old sheets to catch stray pieces of litter. Place under the litter box to keep your floors clean and cat litter free.

For guests

Dry off furry visitors – If you run a pet friendly establishment, place old towels by the front door so guests can dry off their furry companions after a walk.

Make into dog toys – Impress your dog loving guests by tying old sheets and towels into the perfect dog toys or pulls. Fill a basket with them and place by the door for your visitors to help themselves.

Lend them for walks – Allow visitors to take old towels out on their outdoor adventures to use as picnic blankets or for muddy walks.

Use for car windscreens – Hand out during the Winter months so guests can place them over their windscreens overnight to protect them from the snow and ice.

Donate to the kids’ corner – If you have a children’s play area in your B&B, they would greatly appreciate any old sheets or towels for their DIY activities. They’re also great for building magical dens!

Create handy washbags – If you have a talent for sewing, make some useful washbags that guests can borrow (or keep) for their toiletries.

Use as sunbathing sheets – During Summer keep them in the garden so visitors can use them on the grass as handy sunbathing sheets.

Create towel turbans – Create some easy DIY towel turbans for guests with long hair, they’re super simple and would be greatly appreciated!

For the B&B

Roll up into draught excluders – Roll up the fabric into cylinder shapes and stitch into place to use as DIY draught excluders. They’re ideal for keeping the cold breeze out of your B&B during the Winter and blocking out the hot air during Summer.

Protect your flooring – Cut up into little squares and place under the legs of your furniture to protect your flooring from getting marked or damaged.

Make your own unique coasters – Follow these steps from Poppy Treffry to create your own delightful DIY coasters that nobody else will own.

Use as dust sheets – Keep in a bin bag for any future decorating projects as they are perfect for protecting from dust and paint.

Stitch your own bath mats – Create a stunning bath matt that is practical, unique and ultra-soft.

Use as hand towels or wash cloths – If part of your towels are stained, cut out squares where they are clean to create little hand towels or wash cloths.

Use as a new ironing pad – They work great as ironing pads or covers when yours need replacing.

Create some dreamy flowy curtains – White sheets are perfect for creating Parisian style flowy curtains for your living area. Here’s some simple DIY instructions.

Donate to your local primary school – They’ll be put to good use as protection for painting activities or used for DIY projects.

Donate to your local animal shelter – Workers at the shelter can use them as bedding for the animals.

Donate to your local homeless shelter – If they are in good condition some homeless shelters will kindly accept your donations.

Make your own plant pots – With some cement and old towels/ sheets you can create beautifully unique planters.

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