Collection: Mattress Protectors

Anti-allergy, waterproof, soft and quilted mattress protectors for single, double, king and super king mattresses…

At Hafco Ltd not only do we value the importance of investing in a high quality mattress, but we also work hard to provide high quality products that will protect your bedding.

These premium mattress toppers will increase the longevity of your mattress and keep your investment in great condition.

We offer a wide range for the different needs and requirements our customers face.

Our anti-allergy products are perfect for those who suffer dust mite allergies or other breathing problems which affects their sleep quality.

Our waterproof products will keep your mattress dry and comfortable if their are any accidents. They won’t stifle you in the night as they are soft and breathable.

The quilted features add an extra level of comfort which allows for a peaceful night’s sleep.