Our SEO & Digital Marketing Agency

Hafco Ltd has teamed up with Online Growth Guru, a Digital Marketing Agency in Manchester to deliver a web platform that you can trust in. We are working hard together to deliver a number of strategies. Meaning we can share insightful information to you and your business.

Below are a few examples of how we are making your experience with Hafco Ltd much more enjoyable for the future.

Content & Blog Design

The biggest improvement we’ve made this far is to our blog. We spent several hours brainstorming how we could bring you valuable information on a subject we’d love to write about.

That’s how ‘Siesta in Srtyle’ was born. Siesta in Style is the blog section of our website that is written to help you overcome sleep problems to get a better nights sleep. It’s separated into 3 sections

  • Rest

    the first section talks about how you can rest before going to bed. Preparing in the best way possible will mean your next day is even more enjoyable.

  • Relax

    Section 2 of the blog is about how to get the best night sleep. Things you can do to the bedroom to ensure a deeper sleep

  • Rise

    How to prepare for the day ahead is a crucial part of life. We discuss many things you can do once you rise up out of bed. How important is breakfast? or how to start the day effectively? are just a couple of the questions we touch on in this section.

We want you to be able to find our work in the search engines. That’s where OG Guru comes in. Their Manchester SEO team will make sure all the technical SEO touches are made to the blog posts. That means when you type your query into Google, you if we’ve written about it you will find us.

For some we will show up really high straight away, for example:

Hollwofibre vs Microfiber – What’s the difference?

For other queries, it may take us some time to be displayed high up in the search engines. But don’t worry, we will be there over time. Just be sure to stay in touch with our content what we’re sharing with you.