7 Ways to Remove Wrinkles from Bedding without an Iron

7 Ways to Remove Wrinkles from Bedding without an Iron

‘I love ironing bed sheets!’ said no one, ever.

You want pristine looking bed sheets, but just looking at the ironing board breaks you out into a cold sweat.

If this sounds like you, keep reading, you’re going to like these 7 tips.

They’re super easy ways to remove wrinkles from your bedding without an iron.

Let’s dive in…


1. Use a metal pan

You probably never thought a pan of boiling water could remove wrinkles from your bed sheets, and I wouldn’t blame you. But, here’s what you need to do…

Grab a metal pan that has an insulated handle (plastic or rubber – not metal).

Fill it three quarters full with water and crank up the heat.

Take it off the hob once it is boiling and pour the water down the sink.

What are you left with? A safe and portable iron.

Run the pan over your sheets and watch the wrinkles disappear. This is a perfect trick for duvet covers!

(P.S. you’ll want to make sure the bottom of your pan is clean – those burnt black bits could equal disaster for white sheets).


2. Toss in a couple of ice cubes

Garment steamers are quick and easy, but not so practical for large bedding sheets. Not to mention they can also be expensive.

Why spend money on a high-tech steamer when you can create your own at home… for free!

If you have a tumble dryer and an ice tray, this is the perfect hack for you.

Simply throw 2 or 3 ice cubes into the dryer with your bed sheets. Don’t overload the dryer when you’re doing this as it works best with just a few items.

Put the dryer on a high heat and let it works its magic for about 15 minutes or until you stop hearing the ice clash around the metal drum.

The ice cubes will melt and turn into steam. Steam + high temperature = some wrinkle free action.

It basically does the same job as your iron, but you can kick back and relax!

3. Throw in some damp cloths or socks

No ice to hand? No worries.

Grab a couple of cloths or socks. It doesn’t make a difference which you use, just make sure they’re clean.

Run them under a tap so they are soaking wet and then ring the excess water out. Chuck them in the tumble dryer with your bed sheets and put on a high heat for around 15 minutes.

Same principle as the ice cube trick, wrinkles are no match for hot steam!


4. Roll your sheets up

This tip requires no heat and no tumble dryer.

‘How is this possible?’ I hear you ask. Well, let me share my secret…

Grab your wrinkled bed sheet and roll it up super neatly and tight. Make sure there are no wrinkles in the roll, otherwise you’ll create some deep set creases.

Place the neatly rolled up sheets under your mattress. Leave for at least a couple of hours, or even better overnight.

If you want even more wrinkle-remover power, add some heavy items on top of the mattress.

The weight will press out your wrinkles and by rolling up your sheets there won’t be any creases that you’d get with folding.


5. Spritz a DIY concoction

You can buy ‘wrinkle release’ sprays, but let me save you some cash with this easy tip.

First, you’ll need an empty spray bottle. You can get these pretty cheap from bargain shops, or you might have a cleaning spray that’s almost empty which would be perfect.

The Happier Homemaker gives us this simple recipe:

  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 teaspoon of fabric softener
  • 1 teaspoon of rubbing alcohol

Shake it up in your spray bottle, spritz over your sheets and smooth with your hands.

The fabric softener is optional, but is nice if you want a fresh scent to your sheets. The rubbing alcohol allows the liquid to evaporate faster off your sheets.


6. Switch on the hairdryer

Anyone else attacked a top with a hairdryer minutes before heading out in an attempt to remove the wrinkles? Just me?

Well, this is an elevated version of this technique, but adapted for your bed sheets.

Collect your wrinkled sheets and make the bed. Spritz some plain old water over them, perhaps a little more heavy handed on the stubborn creases.

Turn the hairdryer on the highest heat setting and get to work.

With this tip, the more movement, the better. Things dry faster with movement, like if there is a breeze blowing your clothes rather than just still air. I don’t know the science behind it, but trust me on this one.

Flick your wrist from left to right and dry all those areas you just sprayed. Goodbye wrinkles!


7. Wash regularly

My final tip. It’s more of a long-term tip for an easier life when it comes to avoiding creasing.

If you’ve invested in high quality cotton sheets, you may have noticed the stiffness of the fabric upon first use.

They’re still soft and comfortable, but there’s a certain crispness that creates deep stubborn wrinkles.

If you’ve had them a while, you may have also noticed they get softer with use, and the fabric doesn’t wrinkle as easily.

Although you should wash sheets every few weeks for hygiene reasons, it’s also an easy hack for minimising wrinkles.

The softer the fabric, the less it will crease. So, keep on top of your washing routine!


Have I missed something? Or, do you have a burning question that I haven’t covered? Leave it in the comments below.

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