Best essential oils for sleep – the benefits, how to use them and why they work

Best essential oils for sleep – the benefits, how to use them and why they work

In this simple guide you’re going to get the best essential oils to improve your sleep quality.

I’ll tell you how they work wonders for your slumber and exactly how you should be using them, as each one has a unique method.

But first, here’s a brief explanation as to why essential oils and aromatherapy has such a profound effect on our mind and body…


Do oils help with sleep and relaxation?

The simple answer is: Yes. Absolutely.

The more complicated question is… why? Well, we’ve got our noses to thank.

Have you ever come home to the smell of freshly baked apple crumble or cake? Or what about the smell of breakfast cooking in the morning?

I don’t know about you, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t instantly boost my mood.

The same goes for bad smells. If I shoved sweaty gym socks in your face you’d probably get angry or upset about the stale stench being forced into your nostrils.

Smells have a big influence on our mood and emotions. This is what the aromatherapy market bases its thesis on, which is said to be worth $2.35 billion by 2025, so the population is clearly realising the benefits.

Not only will the smell soothe our overworked minds, but essential oils can also have physical benefits.

There are many products on the market that can relieve aches, pains, sores, cramps or any other discomfort.

And what is this going to do? Help you get better sleep, of course!

I hope you’re starting to see the multitude of benefits that essential oils have to offer for your sleep. But right now, I’m just speaking generally.

Let’s get specific with exactly which oils are going to help your slumber…


Which essential oils help with sleep?

Here are 7 essential oils that will improve the quality of your sleep, and a little bit about where exactly they come from:

  • Lavender – from the Lavender plant (also known as Lavandula angustifolia).
  • Evening Primrose – extracted from the seeds of the evening primrose plant.
  • Lemon balm – extracted from the lemon balm plant, which is a herb of the mint family.
  • Magnesium – an oil spray which is a mixture of Magnesium chloride in water.
  • Poppyseed – an edible oil extracted from poppy seeds which is often used in cooking.
  • Wild orange – extracted from the rind (peel) of an orange.
  • Nutmeg – extracted from whole raw nutmeg.


Lavender oil – the benefits it has for your sleep…

Does anyone else feel instantly calmer just at the thought of fragrant lavender?

It’s not just placebo, there’s plenty of scientific research to back up the plants soothing effects. In fact, this study tested lavender and rosemary to see exactly what effects they had on the brain.

The lavender group showed brainwaves that suggested increased drowsiness, and the participants also claimed that they felt less depressed.

If you need more evidence, here’s another study that shows it helped improve the sleep quality of participants suffering with insomnia.

How to use it:

Add a few drops to your night time bath to immerse all your senses in lavender-y goodness. The warm water will also help you drift off quicker.

If you want to skip the bath, try adding a couple of drops to your pillowcase.


Evening Primrose oil – why does it help with sleep?

Relieving painful skin conditions, reducing premenstrual pain, healing nerve damage, reducing inflammation, balancing out hormones and packed full of fantastic vitamins are just some of the benefits evening primrose has to offer.

This oil helps with more than just sleep, it’s a great all rounder for improving so many health conditions.

How to use it:

Primrose supplements are the easiest way to incorporate it into your routine. The oil is inserted into easy to digest capsules. I recommend talking to a specialist to find out the right dosage for you.


Lemon balm oil – how its calming effects help you sleep…

Research shows that lemon balm helps those suffering with insomnia or menopause symptoms improve their quality of sleep.

It also reduces interruptions in the night by increasing gamma-aminobutyric acid, which is an essential neurotransmitter that regulates communication between brain cells.

How to use it:

Use a few drops of lemon balm extract oil in warm water to create your own refreshing herbal tea drink.


Magnesium oil – how it relaxes your muscles for a great night’s sleep…

Magnesium relaxes your muscles, has a calming effect on your body’s central nervous system and helps to reduce anxiety. It also helps to improve the length and quality of the deepest phase of sleep.

American physician and health expert Dr Mark Hyman describes it as “the most powerful relaxation mineral available”.

How to use it:

To feel the full benefits of this powerful relaxation supplement, use a magnesium oil spray for at least 7 days. Simply spray onto your skin and massage in before bed.


Poppyseed oil – full of antioxidants to give you better quality sleep…

Poppy seeds have powerful antioxidant properties that help boost your immune system. Studies show that consuming poppy seed oil decreases the levels of cortisol in the body, which is the main stress hormone.

In the same study, circadian rhythms showed improvement and participants felt less fatigued. All these benefits had a calming effect on the body and helped to improve the quality of sleep.

How to use it:

Add a few drops into your moisturiser and massage into the skin after a bath or shower so it can effectively absorb into the skin. Poppy seed oil is also great for making skin smoother and softer.

Wild orange oil – a purifying blend to cleanse your mind and body…

A 2014 study showed that orange essential oil reduced the symptoms of insomnia and helped participants get better quality sleep. It is also packed full of powerful antioxidants which help relax the mind and body.

How to use it:

As this is a citrus oil, it may cause photosensitivity. For this reason, it is recommended to only use this at night time and not during the day when you are exposed to sunlight.

There are a few great uses for wild orange:

  • Add a few drops into a diffuser
  • Add one drop to your water
  • Rub some in the palm of your hands, inhale and then rub onto the back of the neck and pressure points.


Nutmeg oil – relieve stress and calm your senses…

Nutmeg oil benefits your sleep by:

  • Reducing stress
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Alleviating aches and pains
  • Removing toxins
  • Boosting blood circulation
  • Maintaining healthy respiratory function

How to use it:

Add a couple of drops into some coconut oil and massage into the chest, neck and shoulders. You will feel the benefits through aromatherapy and absorption through the skin.


Essential oil blends for your sleep

As you can see, essential oils are a vital addition to your night routine if you want to improve the quality of your sleep.

A great tip is so mix and match essential oils to create your own unique and customised concoction.

If you have your own secret remedies that help you drift off quicker, please let me know in the comments below.

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