9 Hotel Decoration Ideas for Creating a Relaxing and Luxurious Space

9 Hotel Decoration Ideas for Creating a Relaxing and Luxurious Space

In this guide you’re going to get 9 simple ideas for instantly making your hotel rooms feel luxurious and relaxing.

First impressions are important when guests enter their room, and you want to make sure they’re impressed.

Keep reading to find out how you can use interior design to improve their experience…

1.      Go for Earthy Colours

When I say Earthy colours, I mean shades that derive from nature. Earthy shades could include woodsy browns, forest greens, ocean blues, sandy beiges, or sea shell crème.

They are organic tones which never go out of style, which is one great reason to have them in your hotel rooms.

Another reason to opt for earthy colours is the feelings of serenity and tranquillity that they promote.

Nature itself instantly promotes relaxation, so replicating this in your bedrooms will automatically help your guests feel waves of calmness.

Muted Earthy tones naturally work well together, and various shades and hues can be mixed to create a sophisticated palette.

They are a great foundation to work from and provide a guide when browsing for furnishings, paint or wallpaper.

2.      Choose Natural and Light Fabrics

Opting for fabrics that are natural, light and comfortable is another simple way to promote relaxation and luxury in your hotel bedrooms.

Multiple studies tell us that guests value comfort and a good night’s sleep most highly.

Treating your visitors to natural fabrics and high quality bedding is a sure way to collect 5 star reviews. It’s also a simple way to instantly make the room seem luxurious and plush.

These 100% cotton bed sheets are soft, gentle on the skin, super comfortable and affordable.

Opting for these fabrics also continues a natural theme and creates a consistent flow to your rooms.

3.      Use Mirrors in More Than One Way

You’ve probably been told that mirrors create the feeling of more space in a room, so how do you use this to your full advantage?

Mirrors on the wall are an essential for many guests, but there is one way you can maximise this tip to its full potential.

Mirrored furniture is a modern way to add style, luxury and a sense of extra space in a room.

You don’t need to go overboard and use mirrored furniture throughout the whole room, but a couple of subtle touches makes a huge difference.

For example, mirrored bed stands or a single mirrored cabinet will do just the trick.

4.      Keep Ornaments to a Minimum

One of the reasons we feel instantly relaxed when entering a hotel room is the big open space.

They are free of the clutter we often have filling up our own homes.

Mess and clutter has been proven multiple times to cause stress, so it’s the last thing you want in your hotel room.

It may be tempting to add some personal touches and ornaments to make the space seem more homely, but be careful not to overdo it.

On the other hand, you also don’t want a soulless room that seems bare and clinical.

Finding the perfect balance for your establishment will make your rooms seem much more relaxing and calming for guests.

5.      Add Soothing Details

It can be easy to overlook the details when making interior design choices for your hotel, but collectively they make a big difference to the look and feel of your rooms.

When making your rooms feel more luxurious and relaxing, opt for soothing details that promote serenity.

This could be pieces of art on the walls, ornaments, plants, decorative lamp shades, cushions etc.

Go for peaceful imagery such as waves, the ocean, seashells, meadows, sunshine or other natural themes that you find relaxing.

6.      Include a Lounge Area

Adding a lounge area to your hotel rooms is the ultimate way to create an expensive and luxurious feel.

If you have the space for a lounge area, it’s simple enough to create. All you need is a couple of statement chairs and a small coffee table to create a cosy little area for guests.

It instantly makes the room feel more relaxing as your visitors have a space to sit back, relax, read a book and enjoy a coffee.

7.      Stick to White Bedding

You may be asking ‘Why do so many hotels use white bed sheets? Is there a reason?’

Well, yes, there certainly is.

Les Roches tells us that before the 1990s it was the norm for hotels to use coloured bed sheets. This was because they’re easy to maintain and hide stains better than lighter coloured sheets.

Therefore, luxurious hotels used white sheets to show off the pristine condition of their linen. It soon became the norm for all bed sheets to be white to prove high cleanliness to guests.

So, to put your guests at ease and ensure your room has an air of luxury, stick to white linen.

8.      Use Modern Inspiration for the Bathroom

Bathrooms don’t have to be boring, but they should project a sense of relaxation and spa-like serenity.

You don’t have to turn your hotel bathrooms into a spa, just use them as inspiration.

When choosing tiles, features and finishes, use modern spa design as your guide.

Go for modern fixtures, simple designs, light colours and don’t forget the relaxing little details.

9.      Search for Lavish Lighting

Hotels should always be light, bright and inviting.

When you do come across an establishment that is dark and dreary, it dampens your mood and doesn’t create a good first impression when entering your room.

If you have lovingly created a tranquil and luxurious room but still feel like something is missing, it could be the lighting.

Say goodbye to the boring standard light fixtures and go for something bold and lavish.

Light fixtures can be works of art, so search for something beautiful and dazzling.

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