In this guide you’re going to get the simplest and most effective ways to motivate your hospitality team.

With 95% of customers saying they would tell at least one other person about their bad customer service experience, you can’t afford to be offering customer service that is below par.

A de-motivated team is the fastest way to poor customer service and a bad reputation.

You rely on your staff to deliver a truly exceptional and unforgettable experience to customers, so what do you do if you aren’t getting the most out of your team?

Well, you have a gander of these trusty tips…


Create a line of open communication

You may not be aware, but a lot can go wrong with communication.

Under-communication, lack of communication, miscommunication, I won’t bore you.

Did you know that lack of communication can be the biggest reason employees quit?

A recent study showed that the reason 62% of people didn’t like their jobs was because of communication issues.

This included a lack of direction from management, poor communication overall, and constant change that is poorly communicated.

You may be thinking ‘but this is so easily avoided, all we need to do is speak to each other more!’

It’s not so simple.

If your employees find you unapproachable and don’t feel like there is an open line of communication to freely express their worries or concerns, they may keep it bottled up inside and let it fester.

Hold regular meetings, ask how your employees are feeling at work and ensure everyone has someone they feel comfortable speaking to about their work issues.


Listen to every staff member

You need ideas for the new Christmas event that is coming up soon. Of course, you turn to your fellow managers to get some expert ideas and advice.

What if you could get impartial input that is new, fresh and is going to motivate staff?

Sounds great, right?

Even if their suggestions aren’t included in the final plans, just listening to the ideas and taking them onboard will make them feel valued and part of the team.

It may also get them more excited about future events, which is another simple way to provide motivation.


Ask employees what they need

So, you’ve got an open line of communication for employees to express their thoughts and you’re listening to their ideas and concerns.

Is this enough?

We’re on the right tracks here, but there is more you can do as a hospitality manager to motivate your staff.

Going out of your way to ask your team what they need and how they feel will make a big difference to how motivated they feel at work.

Some staff members may need a little push to analyse their performance at work. A simple question can start a conversation to find out if they have the right tools to excel in their job, if the work environment is encouraging growth or if there’s something you could do as a manager to support them.


Set the right example

Actions speak louder than words. Show your employees how you want them to perform at work by being a role model.

They look to you to gauge the appropriate behaviour, work ethic and productivity in their role, so make sure you’re setting the right example.

If you’re displaying poor behaviour and an undesirable work ethic, it’s difficult to discipline staff for adopting the same attitude.

There’s also an added bonus to leading by example as a hospitality manager…

It earns you a lot of respect!

Employers are far more likely to respect managers who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and stuck into the work just like everyone else. Own up to mistakes, create solutions, take responsibility and be the strong leader that your team needs.


Allow time for team building

Although team building may seem expensive and time consuming, it is certainly worth it for the benefits you and your team will receive.

Here are just some of the reasons you should invest in team building to motivate your hospitality staff:

  • Allows team members to socialise in a more relaxed environment
  • Creates a strong team bond
  • It allows the team to work towards a common goal and celebrate their achievements which they can replicate at work
  • It gives staff members more confidence and allows everyone to be more comfortable around each other
  • Staff are more creative and productive when they feel confident in a team
  • It builds bridges across departments between employees who usually wouldn’t get the chance to interact at work
  • Improves staff morale and creates a more positive attitude amongst the team

Team building is a vital part of working in hospitality and should definitely not be evaded if you are looking to motivate staff.


Rotate staff to avoid boredom

Hospitality has a wide range of departments, so use this to your advantage.

Job is a simple and free way to keep your staff on their toes, avoid boredom and provide motivation. It benefits you as a manager as your employees become more well-rounded and develop a wider range of skills.

Staff members also benefit from learning new skills as it looks great on their CV and they will enjoy the professional development.

This also gives them a chance to meet new people, enjoy a change of scenery and potentially discover a new passion.


Show your appreciation

You have a hard-working team that contributes to the success of your company and provides exceptional customer service. You don’t know what you’d do without them, and you’re sure they know it.

But, do they?

Don’t assume your employees know your grateful for their hard work.

It doesn’t take much to say a quick thanks or tell someone how much you appreciate their work, so always make time to give some positive feedback.

Whether you’re sending an appreciative email, taking staff out for a commentary lunch or letting someone take the afternoon off, they will be grateful of the gesture no matter how small.


Continue training programs

Training doesn’t stop when the employee is qualified enough to work independently. It should be continuous in the workplace to provide motivation and keep your team engaged.

The hospitality industry is constantly evolving, and so should the skills of your employees. Not only does it make them feel valued that you are investing time and money into their development, but they will also become a more engaged team member.

Even the most experienced team members don’t want to stop learning!


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