How to warm your bed in Winter and the cosiest sheets, duvets and pillows

How to warm your bed in Winter and the cosiest sheets, duvets and pillows

In this guide you will find all the simple ways to keep your bed, bedroom and home warm and cosy during the cold Winter months.

From inexpensive buys, long term investments, easy DIYs to simple and tricks, there are so many different ways to keep cosy in the cold season.

Keep reading to find out the best bedding for Winter, how to get more out of your heating systems and the best DIY draught excluders…


Tips for keeping warm in Winter

From small adjustments to investments that will benefit you in the long run, there are plenty of ways you can prepare your home for Winter. You may feel the cold the most when you are trying to sleep in your bedroom, so here are our best tips for keeping warm during the cold season…


Invest in thermal blackout curtains

Blackout curtains are a smart investment for your home as they provide many benefits all year round. During Winter, their thermal properties will help retain the heat and prevent it from escaping through windows.

buy thermal blackout curtains

Buy Thermal Blackout Curtains

Use blackout curtains to reduce noise, retain heat and keep out light for a peaceful night’s sleep. Browse our wide range of colours and sizes to find the perfect fit for your home or business.

buy thermal blackout curtains

Keep them closed during the day in Summer to prevent heat getting in to keep the room nice and cool. Blackout curtains are also perfect for blocking out light whilst trying to sleep during the day and they provide sound reduction properties.


Feel the warmth of feather and down bedding

Feather and down is the warmest option for bedding and it’s exactly what is needed during the cold Winter months. When it comes to pillows and duvets, they are soft, fluffy, warm and luxuriously cosy.

buy feather and down duvet

Buy Feather and Down Duvet

Goose feather and down is the ultimate luxury that you can invest in for your bed. The insulation is perfect for Winter and you will also benefit from the lightweight, soft and fluffy qualities.

buy feather and down duvet

The feathers provide a nice weight to the duvets which provides a cosy feeling and adds to the warmth in the cold Winter months. The down is the layer of ultra-fine feathers which can be find under the layer of exterior feathers. They are the main source of insulation and add a delicate fluffiness to the bedding.


Use insulating bed sheets

Not only is it important to invest in warm duvets and pillows, but it is also important to research the material of your sheets. This can often be overlooked in Winter, but the fabric can make a huge difference to your warmth in the cold season.

Cotton is great for regulating heat. During Summer, it keeps you cool and wicks moisture away from your body. During Winter, it retains heat and keeps you at a cosy temperature. This is why 100% cotton bed sheets are the perfect investment for the long term.


Throw on a few cosy blankets

Insulating sheets and duvets may not be enough when the bitter cold hits during the peak of Winter. That is why we recommend always having a few blankets to spear, you can never have too many!

You can store them away during Summer and bring them out in Winter to create a cosy den. Simply layer up with blankets when going to bed and then take them off if you get too warm during the night.


Wear the right pyjamas

Investing in the right pyjamas is a simple way to ensure warmth all through the night. Even if you’ve layered up on duvets and blankets, you might feel a draught if you’re pyjamas aren’t up to scratch.

Opt for comforting fabrics such as fleece, brushed cotton or flannel. It is better to have a few thin layers than one thick layer as the air trapped in between will provide extra warmth. Layering up also allows you to remove layers in the night if you get too warm.


Put in place draught excluders

Draught excluders are another simple way to increase your warmth during Winter. They are inexpensive to buy from a homeware shop or you could even have a go at a DIY job. Here’s a few ideas for a homemade creation:

  • Rolled up towels
  • Foam pipe insulation
  • Old trouser leg filled with cotton balls
  • Old jumpers/ fleeces rolled up
  • Old socks filled with cotton balls or polystyrene packing chips

Place foil behind your radiators

Radiator reflectors are a genius trick that will make a huge difference in your home. Half of your radiator should be facing the room which radiates nice lovely heat, but what’s happening with the other half?

It’s being wasted on your wall. You can buy inexpensive radiator reflectors which reflect the heat away from the wall and back into your room. You could also make some yourself by sticking some tin foil on the wall.


Invest in high quality underlay

A high-quality thermal carpet underlay is an investment that will benefit you in the long run if you live somewhere with cold seasons. Around 40% of heat is lost through the floors, so this is a vital addition to your home if you want to retain the warmth.

Not only will it keep your house nice and cosy, but it will also provide comfort, sound reduction and save you money on energy bills.

If you want to read more about how they can make a difference in your home, read this guide to insulating underlays.


Bring back the night cap

Many people believe the old myth that we lose half of our body height through our heads, but thankfully this isn’t true.

However, we do still lose around 7 – 9% through our heads, so we think it’s time to bring back the nightcap. There are many modern versions that don’t quite resemble the traditional Ebenezer Scrooge look. You can find plenty of stylish designs with thermal properties which will make a big difference to your warmth levels throughout the night.

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