What type of sheets do hotels use? How to make your bed feel like a luxury hotel

What type of sheets do hotels use? How to make your bed feel like a luxury hotel

In this guide you are going to get the secret tips hotels use to create their super comfortable bedding set up. Including the type of sheets hotels use, how they maintain them and how they create a relaxing environment.

Taking a well-earned break in a hotel is not something to be sniffed at and is the perfect way to unwind.

But, are we going to admit that melting into the unbelievably fluffy and heavenly bed sheets is one of the best parts?

Nothing beats the fantastic night’s sleep you get in those white sheets of pure bliss. One of the reasons we long after them so much is because they’re a treat, something special you can enjoy when taking a break.

We’re here to change that.

You can re-create this calming set up at home, and that’s exactly what you’ll be doing after we’ve let you in on a few industry secrets.


What kind of sheets do hotels use?

Pure cotton.

It’s our fluffy companion that can often be over looked, but it’s the key to the whole hotel set up.

Deriving from the cotton plant, it is a natural material that is full of goodness. To give you an idea of why luxury hotels favour it so much, here are its top benefits:

  • It’s like sleeping on a cloud. Google ‘cotton plant’ and you will witness the natural fluffiness with your own eyes.
  • It lets your skin breathe. Yes, your skin needs to breathe. It’s covered in pores which release sweat, and this needs to go somewhere, preferably not trapped in the sheets with you… gross. Cotton is a natural fabric which is totally breathable.
  • It is hypoallergenic. Organic cotton is naturally hypoallergenic, which allows hotels to be accommodating for guests that suffer with allergies.
  • It keeps you sweat free. The moisture absorbing properties will keep you fresh and dry throughout the night. This fabric will soak up sweat and allow it to evaporate which keeps you nice and cool.
  • It’s a dream to keep clean. The low maintenance and easy care of this material makes it super easy for hotels to keep on top of.

So, you’ve nailed the material. Next, colour.

It’s no secret that most establishments use white sheets, but why? Keep reading to find out…


Why do hotels use white sheets and towels?

It’s not just a coincidence that most hotels use white sheets and towels, it is certainly a deliberate choice.

There are actually many reasons for choosing white, with the first being cleanliness…


Reason #1

Have you ever avoided wearing a white shirt when going out for a meal?

If you’re like me, the answer is yes, because there is no controlling what direction spaghetti is going to hurl at off the fork. And if you’re wearing white, the headache has already begun about trying to remove the stain.

Using white sheets is almost like a hotel saying:

‘Look! Our sheets are spotless! They’re white and have no stains!’

It’s simply a way to show how clean they are and to reassure guests that their hygiene impeccable.


Reason #2

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘black goes with everything’. Well, so does white.

Hotels sometimes go for rather interesting interior design choices, but thankfully they realise that printed wallpaper and colourful bed sheets is a step too far.

Plain white sheets will never go out of style and are a smart investment for the long term.


Reason #3

White sheets, white pillow cases, white duvets, white towels… are you thinking what I’m thinking?

No colour run in the washing machine! Music to any cleaners’ ears.

Opting for white fabrics throughout rooms makes washing so much easier. Especially with the average establishment having around 115 rooms!


Reason #4

For some reason, bright coloured sheets just don’t give us that fresh feeling like white does. Would you look at orange or green sheets and think they look crisp and fresh?

Neither would we.

That’s not to say you can’t enjoy bright coloured bedding at home, but this is why hotels opt for white. It is the proven way to create a calming atmosphere and makes guests want to sink into the heavenly freshness.


Reason #5

Some of these reasons you may think are just speculation, but there is some psychology behind the claims.

Colour Affects informs us of the psychology behind white, and how it makes us feel.

It is said to promote hygiene, sterility, clarity, purity, cleanliness, sophistication and efficiency. It can also give a ‘heightened perception of space’, which seems pretty ideal for a hotel room.

Now you know what type of sheets you need, here’s how to buy them…


Where to buy hotel sheets…

Bedding relies on the quality of fabrics used, so finding a trusted supplier is a vital part of creating a luxurious experience. When looking for cotton sheets, it is important to look for products that clearly state the percentage, as some products may be a cotton blend.

(insert 100% cotton sheets)

Another great tip when looking for a supplier is to select one that specialises in bedding. This is a simple way to find high quality products, rather than a generic company that sells a wide variety of products.

(insert Egyptian cotton pillows)

At Hafco, we are committed to providing premium quality at affordable prices. Get in touch today to discuss your bulk bedding deal.

Once you’ve got the right products, you will need some guidance on how to keep them crisp and fresh…


How do hotels get their sheets so crisp and wrinkle free?

Your bed sheets at home may be soft and fuzzy, but many wonder how to achieve the cool crispness of hotel bedding. It’s a lot easier than you might think, you just need to know a few simple industry secrets.

  1. Spritz on some water. You’ve just put on a clean duvet set and made your bed. You sink into the freshly washed and ironed sheets to turn your head and see a huge wrinkle you accidentally missed. There’s no way you’re taking them off to re-iron, so you put up with the wrinkles.

Not anymore! Simply fill a spray bottle with tap water and lightly spray it onto the wrinkle. Waft the sheets and tuck them in tightly. This will lift the wrinkle and create a smooth surface.

  1. Make your bed every morning. And be consistent. Sheets that are left in a crumpled pile all day are bound to become wrinkled and lose their crispness. It only takes a minute to make your bed and will allow you to come home to wrinkle free sheets.
  2. Triple sheeting. This is an age-old trick that hotels have been using for years. Add a fitted sheet to the mattress, a flat sheet on top of that, then the duvet, then another flat sheet on top of that.

This may seem over the top, but its how hotel beds achieve their pristine and wrinkle free presentation.

  1. Keep up with a cleaning routine. The easiest way to get sad and saggy looking bed sheets? Don’t wash them.

Regular washing is an easy way to keep them crisp and fresh. We recommend at least once every couple of weeks.

  1. Know when it’s time to say goodbye. Hotels will go through hundreds of sheets to maintain a pristine appearance. If they are ripped, pilling, stained, worn or just generally tired, it’s probably time to invest in new ones. Especially if you are trying to achieve a nice crisp feel to them.

These are great tips for making your bed neat and crisp, but keep reading for more advice on re-creating a luxurious hotel experience at home…


How to make your bed and room feel like a luxury hotel

Your bed is the first step to making your room feel like a luxurious hotel, but there are many more easy tips you can use to create a super relaxing space…


Tip #1

Invest in some feather and down duvets and pillows. They are a little more expensive, but the sheer comfort and softness is completely worth it. They are also the perfect option for Winter as they provide great insulating properties.


Tip #2

Buy an all seasons duvet. This keeps you at the optimum temperature all year round and adds a touch of hotel luxury. A 15 tog duvet, for example, might have a 4.5 tog that can be removed during Summer and re-attached for the cold Winter months.


Tip #3

Always keep your sleeping environment fresh. This is what hotels do so well, and what you need to re-create at home. Keep bedding clean, windows open, your bedroom tidy and perhaps light a couple of candles for a fresh scent.


Tip #4

Choose a peaceful colour palette. We’ve all visited a hotel that is splattered in bright, clashing and quite frankly offensive interior design. It doesn’t give off the relaxing vibes we are looking for here. High end establishments will use blues, greens, beige and neutral colours. Stick to this at home to create a tranquil environment.


Tip #5

The little things make a big difference. Add nice little touches such as a glass of water, fragrant room spray, some magazines and even a bunch of flowers. Investing in these little treats will make you feel happy and welcome as soon as you step foot in your room, similar to a hotel experience.

If you’d like more tips on making a guest room more welcoming, read our guide to decorating a guest room.

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