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These pillows are luxuriously soft as they are filled with high quality and lightweight microfibre.

The casing is premium 100% Egyptian cotton, ensuring a comfortable and relaxing night’s sleep.

This pair of pillows is great quality and great value for money.


The Benefits of Microfiber Pillows


Although microfiber is a synthetic material, it can be just as luxurious as the high end, expensive materials.

A lot of people liken Hollow Fibre to duck or goose down, as it so soft and fluffy.

It is also very light weight, which is another reason it is favoured so much.

The lack of natural filling makes it a great option for those who suffer with allergies.


Washing Microfiber Pillows


If you only need to wash a stain out of your pillows, here’s how to do it:

  • Fill a bucket halfway with warm water and enough detergent to clean the stains
  • Remove the pillowcases
  • Take a clean cloth and dip it in the bucket and then squeeze out all of the excess water
  • Gently rub on the stain
  • Once the stain is off, you can put it in a tumble dryer on the lowest setting


100%  Cotton Pillowcases


Cotton is extremely popular for its quality, durability and softness.

It is seen as the ultimate luxury when it comes to bedding.

With the name originally referring to where it was produced, it now tends to refer to the types of thread.

It is so soft because it is handpicked, so less stress is put on the fibres. These fibres are also incredibly fine, which gives great flexibility.

Cotton is surprisingly strong and resilient to stress, which is due to the strength of the fibres. This will save you money in the long run as this fabric won’t need replacing as often as other man-made materials.


Hafco Premium  100% Cotton Egyptian Collection Pillowcases


This pairing of 100%  cotton and 650g filling of microfiber makes a luxury pillow that will give you a truly relaxing night’s sleep.

With the option to buy in bulk, they are a great option for your establishment as they feel luxurious but are also great value for money.

If this isn’t want you were looking for, have a look at our extensive range of pillows here, including flame retardant, duck and goose feather and much more.

Size: 48cm x 74cm

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