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These soft as down microfiber pillows are great for those who want luxurious comfort but don’t want to buy expensive down.

The microfiber filling and brush peach finish fabric makes for a premium feel pillow and you might even forget that you aren’t sleeping on down.


Benefits of Microfiber


Microfiber isn’t just great because of its low price point, it also has plenty of other benefits.

  • Durable – this material is incredibly durable and shrink resistant. The fine fibres are tightly woven together, which creates a very strong fabric.
  • Soft – many are surprised by how soft microfibre can be. The tight weaving of thousands of super fine fibres is what makes this fabric so soft and flexible.
  • Resistant – It resists wrinkles, mould, stretching, shrinking and most stains.
  • Breathable – These fibres are breathable while still being insulating.
  • Affordable – Microfibre is the perfect combination of great value for money and comfort.


What Does Down Alternative Pillow Mean?


Down is the soft layer of feathers that are closest to the bird’s skin, lying underneath the outside feathers that we see.

Because they have no quills, they are incredibly soft and fluffy, which is why they are used in bedding so often.

A down alternative is a man-made material that mimics the feeling of down.


Down vs Down Alternative Pillows


One reason to choose a down alternative is that down pillows can be costly, whereas microfibre is great value for money.

Another reason is that down may not be suitable for those who suffer with allergies. This applies to those who are allergic to birds or react to the allergens trapped in the feathers.

If this is the case for you, a down alternative is the best option.

Microfiber is known for closely replicating the characteristics of down. The pillows are stuffed in clusters, just like down pillows are.

The synthetic fibres are also incredibly thin, which do a great job at recreating the lightweight, soft feeling that feathers offer.


Brush Peach Finish Fabric


A brush peach finish simply affects the surface of the material, making it much softer and more comfortable to sleep on.

The process is completed with a specialised machine, which passes the material through several stages, such as rollers and brushing components.

It gets its name from replicating the soft, velvety feel of peach skin.


Hafco Premium Feels Like Down Pillows


A combination of 650g 100% microfiber filling and unique brushed peach finish 100% polyester microfiber fabric creates a luxurious and comfortable pillow.

With the option to buy in bulk, they are a great option for your establishment as they feel luxurious but are also great value for money.

If this isn’t want you were looking for, have a look at our extensive range of pillows here, including flame retardant, duck and goose feather and much more.

Size: 48cm x 74cm

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