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At Hafco Home Textiles Ltd, our absolute focus is on creating and sourcing the highest quality products that can be used by all in hotels, guest houses and institutions across the country.

Why choose Duck Feather?

It is the perfect combination for softness and a natural springiness of feathers.

Trapped in specially stitched pockets to ensure it remains evenly distributed. Therefore preventing any cold spots. It also has excellent breathability which means it has the ability to allow you to breathe naturally while absorbing body moisture.

The feathers are encased in a soft, feather proof, 100% cotton cambric cover, which has a thread count of 233. This covering ensures the filling will remain inside the duvet for a longer period of time.


A Perfect Winter TOG Duvet 13.5 TOG

With this duvet being slightly warmer than your average, it’s perfect for the winter months.

Keeping the warmth in and locking the cold out using a combination of duck and duck down feathers.

The down feathers are the ones that are found underneath the outer feathers of the bird.

How Do I Wash a Feather Duvet?


Firstly, remove it from the covers. The most important thing to remember when washing a feather duvet is to take extra care, more so than if you were washing a hollowfibre one.

Check for any holes or rips and sew them up where necessary.

Use your most gentle setting on your washing machine and set it at around 30 degrees Celsius. We recommend opting for a mild detergent.

A top tip is to stop the wash just before it starts to spin, and set it again for another rinse. This is because feather duvets are so thick and absorbent that some can retain the detergent.

As they are so thick, we recommend partially machine drying and then air drying. As we explain in our ultimate duvet guide, drying your duvet in sunlight will help to kill any remaining bacteria.

Maintaining your Premium Hafco Duvet


As with all duvets it’s important you use a washable cover to protect and sustain the life of your products.

A regular shake and airing also helps maintain the quality of the product. Airing it during dry weather will prevent the duvet from holding in too much moisture and therefore becoming heavier before losing its ‘plumpness’.


The product is made to the requirements of British standard BS5335. The filling conforms to the cleanliness standard EN12935.

Duck Feather & Down 13.5 Tog

Filling: White Duck Feather (85%) White Duck Down (15%)

Fabric: 100% Cotton Cambric 100 x 133 40×40

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