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There are so many things that can affect the quality of your sleep, with your pillow being one of the main factors.

Choosing the wrong one can result in neck and back pain, restlessness, headaches and a general poor quality night’s sleep.

There are many factors which determine whether it is good quality, including the lining, filling and safety features.

Here is a brief explanation of why the Hafco flame retardant pillows are a great option for your establishment.


Why Do I Need a Flame Retardant Pillow?

Our customers safety is our main concern. Fires can be deadly, so we strongly recommended taking the precaution of using flame retardant bedding.

A tiny flame can spread to a huge fire in a matter of seconds.

This is why our pillows are not just flame resistant, but flame retardant.

This means that they will not only stop the flame from spreading, but also work to put out the fire.


Premium 100% Cotton Pillows

Not only do these pillows ensure safety, they also provide ultimate comfort.

The casing fabric is 100% luxury cotton. Some advantages of sleeping on cotton include:

  • Breathable – Cotton is a natural material that absorbs the heat from your body allowing you to stay cool and dry all through the night.
  • Soft and Non-Irritable – Cotton is naturally hypoallergenic and won’t cause irritation for those with sensitive skin. It is also very soft and is great for sleeping on.
  • Durable – This natural material will last you a very long time and won’t need replacing as much as some man-made materials.
  • Easy Care – Cotton can be put in the washing machine and is easy to dry.


How Do I Wash My Pillow?

This Hafco Flame Retardant Pillow is so easy to look after.

Did you know that up to a third of the weight of your pillow can be dead skin and bugs?

It is incredibly important to wash your pillow, we recommend at least twice a year and the covers every month.

This product is machine washable, just put it in at 40 degrees on a delicate setting.

If possible, put it in the machine on its own and not with any other textiles.

For best results, stick to a basic detergent.

Put them in the dryer to remove most of the moisture and we then recommend letting them air dry.

Drying them in sunlight will help to kill any remaining bacteria.


Are Hollowfibre Pillows Good Quality?

Hollowfibre is a high quality, value for money option.

The hollow spaces between the fibres make this pillow light, fluffy and luxurious. Read our guide on Hollowfibre vs Microfibre to find an in depth comparison of the two materials, as well as the best option for you.

This pillow is generously filled with 700g of hollowfibre, allowing for a comfortable and relaxing night’s sleep.

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