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Product Details:

  • 100% Top Quality Polyester
  • Treated Polyester Fabric
  • British Standard 7175 Crib 7
  • Highly Durable
  • Easy Care & Iron
  • Machine Washable, Tumble Dry

These high quality bed sheets are easy to look after, highly durable and great for those on a budget. Made from premium 100% polyester, which is a fantastic option to have as your bedding.

Polyester Flat Bed Sheets


These sheets are made from top quality 100% polyester. They are comfortable to sleep on and a dream to take care of.

Do Polyester Sheets Pill?

A lot of people don’t realise the durability of polyester. The fibres are incredibly strong and resilient, which means they will last you years.

The durability of these fibres also allows them to retain their shape and size, helping them to look nice and new for a lot longer.

How Do I Wash and Iron Polyester Bed Sheets?

Washing them is so easy as they are machine washable and you can put them in the tumble dryer without damaging the quality.

They are also highly wrinkle-resistant, so no need to iron.


Flat Sheets vs Fitted Sheets


What is the difference between these two types of bedding?

Fitted have an elasticated edge, meaning they tuck themselves under your mattress.

Flat have no elastic, so require you to tuck them under the mattress.

It is down to personal preference as to which you prefer, but both have advantages and disadvantages.

Fitted sheets are better at staying in place. As they are elasticated, this helps to keep them tightly tucked under your mattress and it is a lot harder for them to move around. Whereas with flat sheets, they may require a little extra attention and may move around over time.

However, fitted sheets can be very difficult to iron and store. Due to the elastic, they are a difficult shape to iron and aren’t easy to fold without creasing.

The advantage of flat sheets is that they are very easy to iron and fold.


How are out Flat Sheets Flame Retardant?


Our flame retardant (FR) flat sheets are manufactured using FR “PROBAN” fabric, which is tested to ensure that it complies with British Standard (BS) 7175 1989 Crib 7, ensuring that they are accepted for usage in every HM Prison in the United Kingdom.

Our flat sheets and other FR bedding products gain their flame retardant properties through a quality controlled process called Proban.

This process means that our products are treated with a chemical that allows the fabric to form an insulating char when exposed to flames, thus protecting the fabric and providing a completely reliable flame retardant performance.


The Importance of Fire Retardant Duvet Covers


Although you may think it is unnecessary to have fire retardant bedding in your establishment, it is extremely important.

When it comes to fires, it can literally be a matter of life or death. At Hafco we strongly recommend taking this precaution as we want all our customers to be as safe as possible.

This duvet cover is a flame retardant, so it has been treated with chemicals. This means they will not only stop the fire from spreading, but will also work to put out the flame.

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